We created WolfSteel Buildings for one simple reason - We build distinctive projects that Revamp Industry Standards. At WolfSteel, we provide exceptional products with world class customer service.

Our Story

by Our Team

We got into the metal building business because we do not like the metal building business!

Sounds crazy right?

After countless years in the industry, we realized the industry in general is confusing and overwhelming. Salespeople lack knowledge on the construction process, manufacturers provide weak customer experiences, and builders need better quality control.

Because of these, WolfSteel Buildings was born! We are already solving the industry’s problems and saving you from headaches!

WolfSteel Buildings is not a dealer. We are a general contractor who takes care of not only the project but you throughout the entire process. Unlike some competitors you will not be handed off to another company during the process. With WolfSteel Buildings you deal with us from dirt to finish. We take full accountability and responsibility for your building. We are not your cheapest option. We are the most reliable option.

Exceptional Products

Quality materials and craftsmanship. This duo strikes an impeccable foundation to an exceptional product.

Here at WolfSteel we measure twice and cut once. We work hand and hand with our architects and engineers to ensure meticulous planning. Our team constructs in the office first to seamlessly execute in the field. Attention to detail in the planning stage assures we only deliver quality products to you. All products will be presented with floor plans and designs.

In construction, anything can happen. If there is something you don’t like about the craftsmanship, we will make it right, hassle free within 1 year.

To us, a metal building is an investment. We lookout to make sure your building will increase the value of your property and will be built to last at an affordable price.

The WolfSteel Difference

The WolfSteel Project experience was designed with the customer in mind. 

With our focus on social media to earn your trust and guide you through the entire project process; our passionate team is ready to start working on your project. We know you will receive a memorable experience – The WolfSteel Difference.

Renowned for our commitment to providing world-class customer service, every interaction with clients is not just a transaction, but an opportunity to provide satisfaction. Our team has extensive knowledge in our products and services but also in understanding your needs and expectations.

Don’t just take our word for it. Check out our reviews.

Track ThePack

Adbeel speaking for Joshua Chamber of Commerce

WolfSteel Buildings was invited to The Joshua Area Chamber of Commerce to have Adbeel as a guest speaker.

Sponsorship of past client

From client to partnership. We got a chance to sponsor our past client in his racing. We thank him for trusting us in his red iron metal building project. We are excited to continue supporting him in this race.

MetalCon ‘23

#Metalcon '23 WolfSteel was present in one of the largest trade shows in the industry! Our team brought back to Texas lots of new connections and knowledge to share with ThePack to give the best possible client experience through quality dirt to finish processes.


The Mavs100 is an event that celebrates the entrepreneurial spirt of The University of Texas at Arlington’s alumni. WolfSteel Buildings joined for the 2023 celebration and we are excited to continue to go back.

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We offer a range of exciting opportunities to join our dynamic team. Here, you’ll find a supportive and inclusive workplace, continuous learning and development, and the chance to work on cutting-edge projects. If you’re looking for a place where your talents are valued and your potential is unleashed, we invite you to join the possibilities with us – Let’s grow together.